Saturday, June 28, 2008

Well...hello again...

So it's...hmmm...midway between 1 and 2 AM and I'm sitting here...suddenly motivated to try to drag this blog up off it's ass...right where I left it. It's June now...summer is in full swing...Essex County gets it's daily hammering of thunderstorms, it's humid as hell and there's a bumper crop of fish flies this year...and I see the last time I posted was...hmmm...March? If anyone is still out there...still interested, your patience is astounding...confounding and possibly misplaced. If you're new here...that's cool...I'm going to do my best to keep this stuff going...we'll see.

So...I write about anything and everything--usually news or sports...current events stuff...I'm given to ranting...I don't reveal a whole lot in the way of gory details as far as my personal life goes--but you'll get to know me through my posts...the smartest among you will fill in the blanks...I'm in my 30s, I'm married, I live a suburban's good...not easy...but good.

So...sports...I'm hung up on sports. Just as I wrote about baseball in clutches of winter, it always seems the out-of-season sports are coming to mind. Lots of movement in the NHL this week...likely more to come. I still love hockey, it's still Saturday night to me...and those Saturday nights over the summer never seem quite right. We'll have to deal with new theme music on HNIC next season...which is actually fairly traumatic...and it will be downright odd hearing the old theme on TSN...I'm still not sure what they're thinking on that one--sort of like Coke suddenly deciding it should rename itself Pepsi...but I digress. With morbid curiosity I've been following Sean Avery's stint at Vogue...I actually give the guy huge credit for his willingness to be a non-conformist...he's certainly no dumbass, and I think the verdict is still out for me as far as whether or not he deserves to be labelled for all his alleged douche-baggery. He editeded a Men's Vogue feature on the worst sports uniforms in history...which was actually pretty entertaining and MOSTLY spot on...the old Astros uniforms made the cut, which surprised no one...the Pirates' pillbox hats and the old black/red/orange/yellow Canucks jerseys were up there. The only bone to pick for me was the inclusion of the U.S. team's Sunday shirts from the 1999 Ryder Cup--the Cup infamous for it's raucous fairway celebrations at The Country Club in Brookline, Mass...I liked those shirts--Ben Crenshaw, the captain that year, was meticulous--conceptualizing the shirts--which featured portraits of past Ryder Cup winning teams. All this got me thinking about my own interest in pro-golf, and how it has waned so much over the past decade--just as the game itself has risen to prominence in the world of pro sports. I stumbled on a bunch of quotes from the 1999 team members--some had sold the shirts, others had lost them...Tiger Woods...well, he said it was ugly and that he'd thrown it into his fireplace...and people wonder why I don't like him...or find him interesting to watch. Payne Stewart's widow noted that Payne's shirt was still hanging in his closet. Man do I miss Payne Stewart.


Violet said...
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Violet said...

Joe. Joe, Joe, JOE! It is time for an update. Big, small, totally-random? ALL GOOD. :)